lunes, 23 de junio de 2008

The implications for learner training in a language classroom

When facing a group of self autonomous learners, the teacher has to take into account several things in order to promote Learner training. The teacher's service in this case is to encourage the learners in positive attitudes and prepare them through effective strategies. By encouraging the learners, we mean trying to convince them they are capable of acquaring greater independance through experiences of independant learning, and also giving them the posibilities to exercise their independance.
It's the teacher's job to help this group of learners become independant and confident with the language, so the selection of material and tasks plays and important role in the learning process. Helping students feel confident with the language and create a good atmosphere in the classroom, is necessary to establish and promote successful learning. The selection of activities and material, are necessary for the learners to develop their independence and make them feel conficent to master the language. This last concept also has to do with the selection of useful strategies and techniques.
All things considered, it is important for teachers to be organized when dealing this group of learners, by organizing the lessons and programmes in a way that the learners should feel confident with the language. Having a successful autonomous learners lesson means looking for different and relevant strategies that will help this group of learners to exercise their independance when acquiring a second language.

by Osvaldo Mammino
Source Teaching and learning in the language classroom by Tricia Hedge
Chapter 3 question 2

martes, 10 de junio de 2008

The role of grammar in a communicative lesson

The knowledge of grammar in a communicative lesson is essential because learners are ready to develop their own strategies in order to make the role of communication successfully. This means that the student needs to know the rules and how to apply them. Acquisition of grammar in a communicative classroom will probably involve the students to know about grammatical concepts, categories and rules.
Let's take for a moment the use of modals, those are important and also essential in a communicative task because they allow the students to express what they want to say in different ways. This has to do with the attitude of the speaker when using them, so they will be able to express a suggestion, or requesting something or asking permission to do something. Younger learners need to know that the modal verb can, is for sure the one by we can make requests or ask permission to do something (polite or informal), That is to say they need to apply the rule but also try to discover the rule by themselves in order to use them in different situations or context settings.
Modality shows the students how we express things by their own attitudes, and as we said before they show different ways of how people communicate by using a foreign language. It's the teacher duty to motivate students to use these kinds of expressions through different activities, games and tasks.

Developed by Osvaldo
Source: Teaching learning in a language classroom By Tricia Hedge
(Chapter two, points for discussion- question 2)